About us

About us

At Iplus|F, we believe that the most important part of a company is the people who work there, the professionals who enable the advancement of our work on a daily basis.
The Iplus|F team is made up of experienced professionals who, through their expertise in their particular fields of specialization, add to our most distinguishing strength: diversity of experience and knowledge. In our team you will find economists, engineers, physicists, and experts in innovation and finance. Every member of the Iplusf team has vast experience in their respective sector, both at a national and international level.

Our team of ambitious professionals is committed to excellence and aims to always surpass our clients’ expectations.

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The evolution of the market and the growth of our sector means Iplus|F is constantly searching for new professionals to join our work team

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We are looking for individuals with a technical and economic profile, with the ability to work in a team, who have strong professional interpersonal skills, and above all, who have the necessary dedication to develop a professional career at our company in a wonderful work environment.

Iplus|F has several international clients, meaning that we highly value those who speak different languages such as French, English, Portuguese, and others.
For students, we also offer scholarships for academic training, as well as opportunities for recent graduates seeking a new challenge for their personal and professional development..

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If you know our company, have a technical and economic profile and would like to work with professionals with extensive experience in the sector, send us your CV!