European Public R&D Funding

Interested in European grants for R&D activities or innovative projects?

smes, research centers, universities and large companies can participate in the various European Commission programmes. They offer very interesting options for grants and funds (from €50,000 up to millions of Euros) for:

  • Large European R&D consortium projects (H2020)
  • Prototypes, new products, and close-to-market projects (FTI y Eurostars)
  • Support to smes to launch innovative businesses, and to finance both their feasibility plans and the development of their products and services (SME instrument).

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These funds are subject to highly competitive processes (e.g. a 14% success rate in H2020 according to latest European Commission data), and are administratively complex. Being accompanied by an experienced organization with in-depth knowledge of the programmes maximizes your chances of success.

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Horizon 2020 Programme

The Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020) is the world’s largest source of grants and public funding for Research and Innovation.

Fast Track to Innovation

We elaborate technical and economic proposals forming consortia geographically or even participating actively as a member.

The Eurostars Programme

This transnational programme is co-financed with European and national grants (through the EUREKA network) and operates differently from other European grants.

LIFE Programme

The LIFE Programme, co-financed by the European Union, focuses its efforts on supporting entities and projects that improve the environment.

SME Instrument

We are experts in the development of environmental projects or projects that promote biodiversity to qualify for this funding.

1. How will Iplus|F help you obtain European grants?

Iplus|F supports you with offices in several EU countries and our multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in a variety of topics and programmes. We can collaborate with you to:

  • Assess whether your initiative fulfills the necessary criteria to be granted
  • Match and realign your initiatives to the appropriate European programme

If your proposal is positively pre-evaluated, Iplus|F will assist you with:

  • The overall administrative process, including the technical and financial proposals
  • Consortium proposals through forming geographically balanced and trustworthy consortiums created from our extensive list of varied international clients ranging from smes, universities, and technological centers
  • Promoting visibility and lobbying actions in European decision-making platforms (PPPs, working groups, conferences)
  • Participating as a member of the consortium: leading technical activities, management, communication, outreach, and validation

In the case of proposals that are already financed, Iplus|F can support you with:

  • Management of large consortiums, technical and financial reports, communication, and actions related to visibility
  • Putting you in contact with potential end customers interested in your innovative idea

2. Are you looking for support with environmental, biodiversity, or climate change related projects?

The LIFE programme, co-financed by the European Union, supports activities related to the environment, biodiversity, and climate change. Both the category of the project as well as the type of beneficiary organization are varied. Iplus|F increases your chances of success by:

  • Evaluating your idea
  • Refocusing your proposal
  • Filling gaps in the consortium by searching for transnational partners

The fields prioritized by LIFE are described in the Multiannual Work Programme (MAWP). Nonetheless, the suitability of an idea to the programme requires the participation of experts with experience in both the design and writing of proposals.

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