Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020)

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The world’s largest R&D grant

The Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020) is the world’s largest source of grants and public funding for Research and Innovation. The program runs from 2014-2020 and is providing almost €80 billion of EU funding.

The programme’s aim is to promote European industrial leadership by utilizing science and innovation in order to address societal challenges. Topics such as health, transport, food, agriculture and marine science, inclusive and safe societies, the climate, and natural resources and energy.

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The highly competitive H2020 programme is open to any university, research centre, company, or European legal entity with the aim of collaborating on R&D projects, provided that the project’s topic is included in H2020’s approved list topics. The positively evaluated H2020 projects receive 100% funding (grants) for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and 70% funding for innovation actions (IA).
The vast majority of H2020 activities are carried out through large consortium projects involving at least three independent legal entities from three or more EU Member States or countries associated with the programme.

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Grant for Research and Innovation

The world’s largest grant for energy, health, transport, agriculture or food projects with an EU contribution of €80,000.

Non-repayable grant

100% non-refundable grants in R&D&I and 70% in IA.

Oriented to Consortium Projects

The vast majority of these projects are carried out through consortium projects with 3 or more different entities.

Other services

Fast Track to Innovation

The world’s largest R&D grant for products and processes that can open up new markets


This subsidy is oriented towards innovative technologies and promotes competitiveness in processes and products.

SME Instrument

A subsidy that encourages SMEs by providing them with resources and help to grow and internationalize.

LIFE Program

Subsidies for environmental projects and companies fighting for biodiversity in the European Union.