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Public Financing: Support and grants

Public support and grants are a great alternative for financing businesses and public organizations.

There are various means of participation (individual or collective),  financing options, target industries, case specific beneficiaries (SMEs, Large Businesses, EIGs, Technological Centres, Public Research Bodies, …), which all use this tool as a base on which to grow their business, increase competitivity and create new R+D+i projects.
In this regard, Iplus|F gains public financing for businesses and public organizations by means of managing Public Administration public support programs, with a work method based on knowledge and experience enabling us to respond quickly to our client’s financing requirements.

 National Financing


Iplus|F gains public financing for businesses and public organizations by means of managing Public Administration public support programs.
This activity is implemented on a national and regional scale.

There are various National Public Bodies in Spain with the capabilities of providing financing to public and private entities, such as:

  • The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR)
  • The Ministry of Economy and Competitivity (MINECO)
  • The Industrial Technology Development Centre (CDTI)

There are also autonomous and regional bodies capable of financing these types of projects.

The public financing offered by the Public Administration can be:

Subsidised Loans:

  • Various programs
  • Loan of up to 85%
  • Potentially Non-Refundable
  • Variable interest rates usually based on the financial position of the requesting business.


  • Various programs, especially at a regional and autonomous level
  • Mainly for requesting SMEs
  • Variable % depending on the program

Subsidised Loan and Grant combination:

  • Various programs
  • Variable % depending on the program


We carry out a preliminary study to find out which grants are most suitable for your sector and which funding programmes you can participate in.


It is the necessary plan to adapt to the regulatory bases of each of the programs. You will be able to know an estimate of the resources that you will have available and the terms to obtain them.


Preparing the necessary documentation for the approval of the programme, a follow up of the achievement, as well as the necessary justifications for the total agreement of the financing.

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