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A grant for innovative products, processes and services

This transnational programme is co-financed with European and national grants (through the EUREKA network) and operates differently from other European grants. Only entities that have been awarded the “EUREKA label” can take part. To obtain the “EUREKA label”, a R&D project must be approved in the programme’s calls for proposals, after which EUREKA must explicitly inform the group that it has been approved for national funding.

The aim of the programme is to boost the competitiveness of European companies through the joint implementation of technological development projects that aim to develop products and/or services with a clear commercial interest in the international market and that are based on innovative technologies.

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There must be at least two participants from two different countries in the EUREKA network.

The projects, which last a maximum of three years, are of various types and can cover any area: Standard Projects, Umbrella Projects, and Cluster Projects. The programme establishes certain guidelines regarding issues that cover technological areas considered by governments and industries to be of strategic importance.

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Grant only for those with the Eureka label

This programme finances research and development projects that are guaranteed by national funding.

Focused on innovative technologies

This subsidy promotes competitiveness to achieve innovation in processes and products.

Consortium Projects

The vast majority are carried out through consortium projects of at least two entities.

Other services

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