EIC Accelerator is by far the top programme for European SMEs providing unbeatable funding, visibility and branding. It is founded on the following key points:

  • Unique and disruptive technology with the potential to develop new markets.
  • Proven scalability of the business model.
  • Impact on EU’s objectives on society, economy and environment.
  • Financial gap to demonstrate your technology in real conditions and reach the market.
  • Committed, motivated and experienced team.

The European Innovation Council will support the best projects with grants between €0.5M and €2.5M. Optionally, the applicants can request investment in equity, up to €15M to deploy their commercialisation plans.

The application process is extremely challenging and comprises 3 steps:

  • Short applications: 5-page description of your technology and its potential + 3’ video + 10-slide pitch.
  • Full applications: 30-page proposal + financials.
  • Face-to-face interview with EIC’s jury.

Iplus|F offers support in the whole process! Contact us if you see yourself in the following description:

  • Disruptive, unique and proprietary technology
  • Your technology has evolved and it has been tested beyond the laboratory
  • You have started to monetise it or have collaborations with clients
  • You can scale up
  • Your technology has an impact on Europe’s agenda
  • Due to the high risk of your technology, you can’t obtain enough financial support from other sources (and you will need to prove that you have tried)
  • The team behind the development and the commercial deployment is committed and experienced

You need to optimise your technology and carry out demonstration and testing in real-world conditions


Íñigo Larraza

EU Senior Consultant