EIC - Accelerator


The European Innovation Council is ready to launch the new scheme of programmes and funding opportunities to promote and support the most innovative sme´s and startups along Europe.

One of them is the chalenging EIC Accelerator.

EIC Accelerator is by far the top programme for European SMEs providing unbeatable funding, visibility and branding. It is founded on the following key points:

  • Unique and disruptive technology with the potential to develop new markets.
  • Proven scalability of the business model.
  • Impact on EU’s objectives on society, economy and environment.
  • Financial gap to demonstrate your technology in real conditions and reach the market.
  • Committed, motivated and experienced team.

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The European Innovation Council will support the best projects with grants between €0.5M and €2.5M. Optionally, the applicants can request investment in equity, up to €15M to deploy their commercialisation plans.

The application process is extremely challenging and comprises 3 steps:

  • Short applications: 5-page description of your technology and its potential + 3’ video + 10-slide pitch.
  • Full applications: 30-page proposal + financials.
  • Face-to-face interview with EIC’s jury.

Iplus|F offers support in the whole process! Contact us if you see yourself in the following description:

  • Disruptive, unique and proprietary technology
  • Your technology has evolved and it has been tested beyond the laboratory
  • You have started to monetise it or have collaborations with clients
  • You can scale up
  • Your technology has an impact on Europe’s agenda
  • Due to the high risk of your technology, you can’t obtain enough financial support from other sources (and you will need to prove that you have tried)
  • The team behind the development and the commercial deployment is committed and experienced
  • You need to optimise your technology and carry out demonstration and testing in real-world conditions

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Subvención que impulsa a las PyMEs

Aportándoles recursos y ayudas para que crezcan y se internacionalicen.

Fomenta la I+D

La subvención solo está disponible para ideas capaces de crear nuevos mercados o revolucionar los existentes.

Proyectos individuales o consorciados

No es necesario establecerse como consorcio para acceder a esta ayuda, aunque sí es recomendable.

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